Air Travel Tips For Finding The Best Seat In Economy

air travel tips gold coastNobody likes being stuck in the middle seat in coach. In fact, there are very few economy seats that are very good but if you know when and where to look there are some ways that you can maximize your seating situation in the economy. Here are tips for finding a great seat in coach.

Don’t let the airline choose the seat for you. If you do not have a chance to choose your seat online when you buy your ticket the airline will just pick one for you. Make sure you choose when you buy your ticket online or do it right after the fact by going on the website with your booking confirmation code.

Strategize to have no one in that middle seat. When selecting your seat check out which rows only have one seat taken either a window or an isle and choose the opposite. Usually, it is a single traveller in that other seat since most people travelling together want to seat together.

Know your plane. Not all aeroplanes are the same. Usually, the exit rows guarantee a good seat but some are better than others. A good resource is SeatGuru, which provides information about the aeroplane model and show you the exact seat configuration. It also shows its take on the best seat on the plane.

Paying for upgrades. The airlines have done whatever they can to get more money out of passengers including charging for the best seat in coach. Depending on the airline, even emergency exit seats cost more. If you are willing to pay a few extra money for comfort, it could surely be worth it.

Register for an airline loyalty program. If you join one of those programs, you can usually get premium seats for a much better cost or sometimes even free. When you join an airline loyalty program and get to a certain status of one airline one of the perks is dibs on best seats. You can usually enjoy good seats for no cost or access to seats no passengers do not have. Sometimes, it pays to fly with the same airline.