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Less Expensive Holiday Destinations In Italy

travel and leisureWant to spend your vacation in Italy? If you are looking for a cheap holiday in this country, then consider visiting Tuscany and Umbria in the middle part of the peninsula. There you can have a cheaper and more interesting vacation.

You can find affordable accommodations in these places. Most of them are restored farmhouses which features private pools, beautiful gardens and great views. Tourists can enjoy the slow food and slow life in the middle part of Lake Trasimeno and Lake Chiusi. The warm welcome from the locals will make your experience even more memorable.

You will be well accommodated from during your stay in Tuscany and Umbria. The local owners are just as helpful as a tourist guide as they can tell you a lot about the area. The hosts can suggest some of the best and most affordable restaurants in the area.

There are many places to see in the area. Visit nearby cities like Montepulciano, Cortona, Assisi, Perugia or Orvieto. Tourists will enjoy the feel of old town centres in the small villages.

For bicycle enthusiasts, the rolling hills of Tuscany and the seer dirt roads of Umbria will not disappoint. There are many options to rent bicycles in the area and some of the shops offer delivery and pickup of the bicycle. They even have mobile services in case accidents or problems with the bile happened during the renting period. All you have to do is call them and they will take care of the rest. Hosts may also provide you information about the best places to enjoy a bike ride.

The area is not short of fun activities to do. If you are looking for adventure, you can try horse riding, trekking, rafting and other thrilling activities.

Wine yards are typical Italian scene. Wine lovers will also enjoy the many wine yards that offer high-quality wine at very affordable prices.

So if you are thinking of spending your holiday in Italy, consider these places and start planning your holiday now. You can spend less while enjoying a nice vacation in these destinations.

Advantages Of Taking A Beach Holiday

beach holiday gold coastFor many people, taking a beach holiday is a perfect getaway from the busy city life. There a reason why people love going to the beach. Going to the beach has many positive effects to our mind and body. The rich scenic views and many activities you can do makes a beach vacation fun and relaxing.

Here are some advantages of going to the beach.

There are interesting choices of room accommodation. Depending on your budget for your beach accommodation, you can find great choices of villas, apartments, and rental homes. You can find a cool place to stay with breathtaking views of the beach surrounding.

Enjoy the use of facilities provided. Many of the vacation rental accommodations have facilities that can make your stay at the beach more enjoyable. Many of the holiday rental provisions include fitness gym and sports facilities. Add their own swimming pools in case you do not feel like swimming at the beach.

Enjoy freshly cooked seafood. You can get to enjoy the sea breeze while eating freshly cooked seafood. Aside from their daily menus, many food establishments also offer special dishes that highlight the catch of the day.

Enjoy shopping at local shops. For vacationing shopaholics, there plenty of colourful shops to see in the beach area. For sure these beach shopping centres will keep any beachgoer busy. If you are looking for the perfect gift for friends and family, the little shops for souvenirs and locally made products will not disappoint.

Fun beach water activities. The beach fun is not complete without trying any of the thrilling water activities. There’s no shortage of outdoor fun at the beach as you can choose a variety of watersports activities such as surfing, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, beach ATV and so much more.

Air Travel Tips For Finding The Best Seat In Economy

air travel tips gold coastNobody likes being stuck in the middle seat in coach. In fact, there are very few economy seats that are very good but if you know when and where to look there are some ways that you can maximize your seating situation in the economy. Here are tips for finding a great seat in coach.

Don’t let the airline choose the seat for you. If you do not have a chance to choose your seat online when you buy your ticket the airline will just pick one for you. Make sure you choose when you buy your ticket online or do it right after the fact by going on the website with your booking confirmation code.

Strategize to have no one in that middle seat. When selecting your seat check out which rows only have one seat taken either a window or an isle and choose the opposite. Usually, it is a single traveller in that other seat since most people travelling together want to seat together.

Know your plane. Not all aeroplanes are the same. Usually, the exit rows guarantee a good seat but some are better than others. A good resource is SeatGuru, which provides information about the aeroplane model and show you the exact seat configuration. It also shows its take on the best seat on the plane.

Paying for upgrades. The airlines have done whatever they can to get more money out of passengers including charging for the best seat in coach. Depending on the airline, even emergency exit seats cost more. If you are willing to pay a few extra money for comfort, it could surely be worth it.

Register for an airline loyalty program. If you join one of those programs, you can usually get premium seats for a much better cost or sometimes even free. When you join an airline loyalty program and get to a certain status of one airline one of the perks is dibs on best seats. You can usually enjoy good seats for no cost or access to seats no passengers do not have. Sometimes, it pays to fly with the same airline.

5 Tips to Stay Comfortable on a Long Flight


long flights

Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys being stuck on a plane for hours on end, especially when there’s a “mechanical” issue & you spend lots of extra time on the tarmac.  It’s like staring at paint on a ceiling. But there’s definitely things you can do to make yourself as comfy as possible on long-haul flights. The aim of the game is to make the time pass quickly, while still being in relative comfort.



  • A sleeping mask and ear plugs


You’re probably wanting some shut eye at some point on your flight, which can be hard with all the lights and when people are making noise. Ear plugs and a sleeping mask take up virtually no room in your carry-on, and will help you sleep a little better on the plane.


  1. The right clothes

Dressing in comfortable clothes is vital to having a decent flight. This doesn’t mean you can wear your stained track pants, because there are still standards, but you’ll definitely enjoy the trip more if you’re wearing clothes that you can relax in.


  1. Water water water

Staying hydrated is so important on long flights, because being on a plane dries your skin out incredibly. It’ll also help keep you feeling good by avoiding headaches and other issues associated with not drinking enough water.


  1. Moisturise your skin and your lips

This tip is related to the one above, because keeping yourself hydrated will also help stop your skin from drying out. Dry skin is uncomfortable, and you won’t look or feel your best if you have it. Have some moisturiser on hand to put on your face, and wherever else you feel is drying out, like your hands. Make sure to bring lip balm too, to stop your lips getting dry and flakey.


  1. Plan ahead of time for entertainment

Bringing books (or an e-reader), as well as your iPad or laptop (or however you choose to watch your movies and Tv shows) is vital to not losing your mind on your flight. Make sure you’ve got your devices charged too! It’s also worth forking out for the airplane entertainment as well, to give you some variety.


With these 5 tips, you’ll find your long-haul trip is as comfortable as it can be, and will fly by. Before you know it, you’ll be arriving at your destination in a good mood thanks to the comfort you felt.